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Bann Restaurant, New York NY Casey’s Tol Birthday Party

Bann Restaurant

I just had the honor of performing for a Tol party at Bann Restaurant, located at 350 West 50th Street, New York, NY 10019. Keep reading for a behind-the-scenes glimpse of this special occasion!

Casey’s Doljanchi at Bann Restuarant in NYC

Friends and family gathered to celebrate Casey’s doljanchi at Bann Restaurant, a premier Korean restaurant in New York City.

Bann Restaurant offers an upscale setting that’s also inviting and comfortable, which makes it the perfect place to celebrate your child’s 1st birthday party. 

Warmth and love filled with room while guests socialized and enjoyed a variety of dishes from the buffet. 

Next up… Casey’s Doljabi! The doljabi is one of my favorite parts of the Korean first birthday party tradition.

doljabi tol party

The doljabi is when various items are laid out, and the baby is encouraged to choose one. The item that the baby chooses predicts her future profession. 

Casey had the choice between a toothbrush (dentist), stethoscope (doctor), pencil (a scholar) a paint brush (an artist), money (wealth) and a ball (an athlete)… and she chose the stethoscope!

After the doljabi, it was time for a fun-filled and interactive magic show! 

I kept the children mesmerized and belly-laughing with 45 minutes of magic and balloon-twisting, which meant the parents had a chance to enjoy each other’s company and eat some more delicious food. 

dessert bann restaurant

The parents were so kind to leave a review of the magic show after the party: 

“I was referred to Evan by another friend. He made the whole planning process a breeze! Everything was so organized! The kids loved the magic show and the magic goodie bag was a hit! My friends told me that their kids kept talking about the magic show and goodie bags after the party! Thank you Evan for everything!”

-Alvina L., New York, NY

I had so much fun performing for Casey’s 1st Birthday Party. Thank you so much for having me!

To re-cap…

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