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3 Reasons Why Birthday Parties at Curiosity on Court in Brooklyn Rock!

Curiosity on Court

I just performed for a birthday party at Curiosity on Court, 278 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231. If you’re searching for a children’s birthday party venue in Cobble Hill, then you should definitely check them out!

What I love most about birthdays at Curiosity on Court is that children get to do what they do best: creative play! The custom-designed space and exhibits encourage kids to run, play and explore… and it’s a lot of fun to see them in action!  

A few of the benefits of planning your child’s birthday party at Curiosity on Court are…

  • The children get exclusive use of the play space
  • A dedicated member of their team helps you set up and clean up
  • It’s conveniently located in Cobble Hill Brooklyn! 

Curiosity on Court is perfect for parents searching for a birthday party venue in Cobble Hill where children can run around, play and have fun…

…which reminds me of the birthday party I just performed for!

Curiosity on Court, Brooklyn NY Birthday Party Magic Show

magic birthday curiosity on court

The guests of honor were turning 4 and 2, and they invited 20 of their best buds. 

The fun began with the children playing and exploring a multi-level play structure. 

While the children used their imaginations to ride a subway, build with blocks, and cook up meals in a mini-kitchen, the parents had a chance to relax and socialize. 

Next up… my birthday party magic show!

Parents took pictures as their children’s faces were wide-eyed with amazement, and their belly-laughs filled the room. 

My favorite moment was the look of surprise on the birthday girl’s face when a sketch drawing came to life. She even got to take this magical souvenir home!

After the show, everyone went downstairs to a pristine private party room to make pizza and cake “disappear.” What an awesome party, right?

I had so much fun performing for Agnes’ and Rex’s party. Thank you so much for having me!

Okay, let’s re-cap…

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