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Why I Don’t Offer Birthday Party Entertainment for Toddlers

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No doubt about it… your toddler is super adorable, smart, and ready to party! But who knew finding the right birthday party entertainment could be so tricky?! 

Planning a birthday party for toddlers isn’t an easy task, and it’s totally normal for parents to feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused. 

But don’t worry – I’m here to help! 🙂

Hi, I’m Evan. After performing magic for over 3,000 birthday parties and earning a Masters Degree in Educational Theater from NYU, I understand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to birthday party entertainment.  

Keep reading to find out why hiring a magician probably isn’t the best choice for your toddler’s birthday, and what sure-fire entertainment ideas you could choose instead. 

Why I Don’t Perform Magic Shows for Toddlers

I was just chatting on the phone with a Mom who really wanted to hire me for her child’s 2nd birthday party.

I was honored, but had to politely decline.

Here’s why… 

Magic only works when the audience has a strong understanding of what should happen.

Take this quick example…

Imagine you pick up a coin from the table with your right hand, and close your left hand around the coin.

How would you feel if, when you opened your hand, the coin was nowhere to be found?

Chances are you’d start to seriously question the sequence of events, your memory… maybe even your own sanity! 

“I swear I just put it there…”

“Honey, do you remember where I put that coin??”

To children ages 4 and up, a disappearing act is nothing short of mesmerizing because they understand what should happen: the coin should still be there!

In contrast, a toddler looks at the same disappearance, and quickly moves on with the rest of their lives. 

A disappearing coin trick just isn’t all that remarkable compared to the “magic” a toddler experiences on a moment-to-moment basis: Grandma appears inside the telephone, buttons open and close doors, boxes that cook food etc.

Here’s the bottom line: magic is just not that magical to a child between 1-3 years old. 

What kinds of birthday party entertainment are fun for toddlers? 

Think along the lines of music, movement, and creative play. 

When my wife and I were planning our son’s 2nd Train Themed Birthday Party, we bought a small train that the children could take turns riding around.   

It retails on Amazon for ~$100 bucks, and more than pays for itself in fun, giggles, and beaming smiles. Click here for more info [affiliate]

Other fun and proven birthday entertainment ideas for toddlers are a music and/or movement class, a petting zoo, and an appearance by their favorite costumed character. 

What’s the Best Birthday Party Entertainment for Your Child? 

There’s obviously a lot that goes into planning a birthday party. This post should point you in the right direction. 

Still have questions about birthday party entertainment? Want to see whether we’re the right match?

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I’m Magic Evan, and I’m wishing you the best in the planning of your child’s birthday party!

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