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The 6 Best Birthday Party Places in Greenwich CT

birthday party places in greenwich ct

Searching for fun birthday party places in Greenwich CT? Seek no further because here come 6 of the best birthday party places that Greenwich CT has to offer!

Parents are often frustrated trying to find just the right birthday party place in Greenwich CT because venues book up quickly. Not only do you have to find a great venue, but it’s a good idea to book as early as possible.  

I’ve performed for a lot of birthday parties and worked with a lot of families. In my 10 years as a children’s magician, the best birthday party places in Greenwich CT are…

  1. The Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, 4 Horseneck Ln, Greenwich, CT 06830. Call 203-869-3224 x100
  2. YMCA of Greenwich, 50 East Putnam Avenue, Greenwich, CT 06830 Call 203-869-1630
  3. Bendheim Western Greenwich Civic Center, 449 Pemberwick Rd, Greenwich, CT 06831 Call 203-532-1259
  4. Kaia Yoga, 328 Pemberwick Road Greenwich, CT 06831 Call 203-532-0660
  5. Audubon Center in Greenwich, 613 Riversville Road, Greenwich, CT 06831Call 203-869-5272
  6. Dance Adventure of Greenwich, 36 Sherwood Pl, Greenwich, CT 06830 Call 203-625-0930

Things to look for in selecting a place to throw your child’s birthday party in Greenwich CT are whether the venue takes care of set-up and clean-up. If not, then no worries! Just find out how much time is allotted for each so you can plan accordingly. 

If I were planning my child’s birthday party, I’d also use a checklist. Planning a birthday party can be a daunting task…so I’d use any resource I could get to make sure everything ran smoothly.

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