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My Top 7 Tips for Planning an Awesome Birthday Party

I’m guessing you’re planning a birthday party for your son or daughter. Somewhere in New York City, New Jersey or Connecticut, perhaps? Surely, there must be some magic formula for turning the party into a fun, inclusive and engaging event, right?

The great results that families across the tri-state area have experienced can be repeated at your child’s next birthday party.

Read this article to get my top 7 tips for giving your child the most fun and special party yet.

1. Party Tip #1: Anticipate.

The most fun and memorable birthday parties all have one thing in common: the parents anticipate potential problems before they occurred.

Let’s take a look at 3 common challenges and some potential solutions…

  • Late arrivals. Fill the first 15-30 minutes with activities that anybody can join in at any time.

  • Food allergies. Leave a space on the invitation for parents to write them down.

  • Managing children’s behavior. Set clear expectations from the start.

Do you see how anticipating just these 3 small challenges can make a world of a difference?

2. Party Tip #2: Enumerate

Lists can help you stay organized, on budget and on task.

Write down the supplies you’ll need, the names of guests, and tasks that need to be done. You’ll be happy you did!

3. Party Tip #3: Delegate

In what world should the entire responsibility for party planning fall on you? Not this one, honey!

Involve your child in the planning. Hire a professional children’s party entertainer. Arrange a catering service.

You deserve a chance to relax and enjoy the party, too.

4. Party Tip #4: Participate

Take some time to share this moment with your kids. Laugh. Play games. If you’re having fun, then everyone else will too.

5. Party Tip #5: Document & Duplicate

If you have both physical and digital copies of video and photographs, then you’ll always be able to remember and share this special occasion.

6. Party Tip #6: Celebrate

Yes, I said it… I know “it’s a kid’s birthday party,” but grown-ups can have fun, too!

Have some champagne. Mingle. Reward yourself with dessert.

These slices of cake don’t count. I promise.

7. Party Tip #7: Appreciate

Even after the party, you can keep the positive vibes flowing by sending a handwritten note to your friends and family.

Get your child to help and even more fun, laughter and good times will come your way!

These 7 tips can make a big difference in the planning of your child’s birthday party.

Here’s to making it the most fun and special one yet!

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