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Planning a Birthday Party at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt in Hartsdale NY


Searching for a place to throw your child’s birthday party in Hartsdale? I just performed for a birthday at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt, 228 East Hartsdale Avenue, Hartsdale NY and recommend checking them out!

What I love most about birthday parties at Peachwave (in addition to the fro-yo!) is that the space is large, so there’s plenty of room for the kids and parents to talk and have fun.

A few of the benefits of planning a birthday party at Peachwave Frozen Yogurt are…

  • The fun and comfortable atmosphere is welcoming for the entire family
  • Peachwave is yards from the train station and easy for everyone to get to
  • Self-created frozen yogurt, dozens of toppings and flavors means everyone leaves happy!

Peachwave is the perfect venue for parents searching for a comfortable, inviting and fun place to throw a birthday party in Hartsdale…

…which reminds me of the party this weekend!

Peachwave Yogurt, Hartsdale Jonah’s 5th Birthday Party

birthday peachwave hartsdale

The guest of honor was turning 5, and he invited about 20 of his best friends. 

After the kids took time to run around, play and burn off some steam, I gathered everyone around for a fun family magic show!

My show kept the children mesmerized, wide-eyed with amazement and falling over with laughter, which meant the parents didn’t have to worry about chasing them around. 

Plus, the parents had a chance to relax and enjoy the party, too.

After the magic show, I twisted balloon-animals so that everyone got a magical reminder of all the fun they had.

Finally, the children sat at the table and made their pizza, cake and frozen yogurt “disappear!” What an awesome party!

To re-cap…

If you’re searching for a place to have your child’s birthday in Hartsdale, you should definitely visit Peachwave. Visit their company’s website or call (914) 574-5076

Want to make the party extra fun? Arrange my birthday party magic show!

Weekends are popular, and dates sell out really quickly…

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