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3 Reasons Why Birthdays at Sunnyside Plays in Woodside NY Rock!

Sunnyside Plays birthday

I just had an amazing time performing for a 7th birthday party at Sunnyside Plays, located at 43-09 49th Avenue in Woodside, NY. If you’re searching for an indoor birthday party venue in Woodside/Sunnyside Queens, then I recommend checking them out!

What I love most about Sunnyside Plays is… well, it’s hard to pick just one thing!

I love that the venue is clean, well-lit, and that the owners (Ed Kim and Vanessa Quinn) are parents and long-time residents of Sunnyside.  

Perhaps the best thing of all? Both Ed and Vanessa are arts professionals who created the space to let children do what they do best: creative exploration and play!

A few of the benefits of having your child’s birthday party at Sunnyside Plays are…

  • You can focus on what matters most – enjoying your child’s birthday party! The staff at Sunnyside Plays understand the importance of your child’s party, and they provide set-up, clean-up and staff assistance throughout the celebration.
  • ‘One-stop shop’ for all of your party planning needs: Choose from a variety of packages and  enhancements to create a birthday party experience that’s guaranteed to delight.
  • Kids and parents will thank you! Parents can sit and chat in the Play Cafe while the children climb, slide and let their imaginations run wild on the indoor playground.

Sunnyside Plays is perfect for parents who want a fun and clean indoor space to throw a fun birthday party in Sunnyside Queens…

…which reminds me of the party I just performed for!

Here’s A Quick Preview of a Sunnyside Plays Birthday Party

The guest of honor was turning 7, and she invited 20 friends to her birthday.

The fun began the instant the children arrived! The kids kicked off their shoes, began running around the indoor playground, scaling the climbing wall and playing games.

Next up…. my birthday party magic show!

I kept the children and parents mesmerized and belly-laughing with a 35 minute magic show, followed by a V.IP. magic class where each child became an honorary magician and learned the coolest magic tricks.

Finally, we sang “Happy Birthday” and everyone made birthday cake “disappear.” What an awesome party!

Okay, so let’s re-cap…

If you’re looking for an indoor birthday party venue in Sunnyside Queens, look no further than Sunnyside Plays.

To get more information about planning a Sunnyside Plays birthday, visit their website or email (ask for Ed or Vanessa)

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