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Fun Birthday Party Games for 4 Year Olds

Planning your child’s 4th birthday party? The secret to keeping four-year-olds engaged and entertained at a birthday party is to plan activities (more than you think you’ll need) with lots of physical activity. 4 year old kids love to run, jump, dance, and be silly! Keep reading to discover guaranteed-great birthday party games for your

Here Come 7 Quick Ideas for Birthday Party Thank You Notes

After an exciting and memorable birthday bash, sending thank you notes may feel like a tedious or even time-consuming part of the process…but it doesn’t have to be! With these 7 quick ideas for birthday thank you notes, you’ll put a smile on your guests’ faces and teach your child about the importance of expressing

10 Tips for Throwing a Fun Birthday Party in Prospect Park

Thinking of having your child’s birthday party in Prospect Park? Brooklyn’s beautiful Prospect Park is a great place for a kid’s party, but there are some challenges that are unique to throwing a party in the Park that are easily overlooked or forgotten.   Hi, I’m Evan, or ‘Magic Evan,’ a Park Slope-based magician that

Birthday Party Guest List Questions: You Asked, I Answered!

I get a lot of questions about birthday party planning, and I’m always happy to help! In this post, I’ll share my responses to the most popular questions parents have asked me about putting together a guest list for their child’s party. How many kids should I invite? The answer to this question depends on

Birthday Party Planning Checklist: Your Step-by-Step Guide

Planning a birthday party for your son or daughter? If you feel nervous or find yourself wondering if you forgot something important, then I can help. The peace of mind that parents have experienced using my Birthday Party Checklist can be repeated while planning your child’s special day. This step-by-step checklist takes the guess-work out

Is It Better to Have an Indoor or Outdoor Birthday Party?

Wondering whether to have your child’s birthday party indoors or outdoors? Keep reading to discover the best way to plan a successful birthday party for your child.  Indoor vs. Outdoor Birthday Parties After performing for thousands of birthday parties, I understand the party planning challenges that parents face time and time again.   Here are

Free Printable Birthday Party Guest List

The big day has nearly arrived and your son or daughter is so excited for the opportunity to call the shots, feel the joy, and play host. If you’re struggling to keep track of who’s coming, who’s not, and still waiting to hear back from some of the parents, then you’re not alone. To help

4 Proven Ways You Can Build a Safe Summer Camp Culture

Summer camp is one of the highlights of a child’s entire year… and their experience depends of your ability to nurture a safe, inclusive and supportive camp culture. How do you ensure the physical and emotional safety of your campers? Create opportunities for all kids to shine? Establish norms that your staff, counselors and campers

Kid’s Party Tip: When Should I Serve Food?

If I can do anything to stop one of the greatest mistakes that has been proven time and time again, I will advise you to not plan birthday party entertainment while the kids are eating. You’ll watch in horror as your vision of a fun/engaging event for your child melts into a nightmare. There are

8 Questions You Must Ask BEFORE You Book a Children’s Party Magician

Hiring the right children’s magician is an important part of planning your child’s party…and it can also be quite stressful. How do you find the right match for you?  How do you know who to trust?  Where do you go for advice? First of all, this is not an easy task and it’s totally normal

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