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Bobo Restaurant

Bobo Restaurant New York NY | Baptism Party Magic Show

I recently performed magic for a Baptism Party at Bobo Restaurant, located at 181 W 10th St, New York, NY. If you’re looking for a cozy, contemporary and elegant restaurant in Manhattan, Bobo is the place to go! Bobo spans several floors of a West Village Townhouse: there’s a lively lower bar area, charming upstairs dining

Hosting at a NYC Venue or at Home: Pros and Cons of Each

A lot of parents have asked me whether it’s better to throw a party at a NYC venue or at home. There are pros and cons to both. Some of the advantages of throwing your child’s NYC birthday party at home are you can save money, it’s convenient, you can set up early, and the

Pie Craft

3 Reasons to Plan a Birthday Party at Pie Craft in Island Park NY

I had a blast performing for a 9th birthday party at Pie Craft, located at 4585 Austin Blvd in Island Park NY. Pie Craft is one of my new favorite kids party spots on Long Island! What I love most about Pie Craft is their healthy pizza options. You craft your own delicious pizza from

Summer Adventure Camp

Magic Show for Summer Adventure Camp in Fairfield CT

I recently performed a magic show for Summer Adventure Camp, located at 3685 Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield, CT. What an awesome summer camp! It was the first day of summer camp, and I could feel the fun and friendly atmosphere from the moment I arrived. I saw games and competitions, heard laughter and joke-telling,

house of pizza & calzone

Parties at House of Pizza & Calzones in Carroll Gardens Brooklyn

I just had so much fun performing for a birthday party at House of Pizza & Calzones! House of Pizza & Calzones is located at 132 Union Street, Brooklyn, NY. If you want to place to throw a kids party in Carroll Gardens, then I highly recommend paying them a visit. House of Pizza &

healthy party food kids

5 Tips for Serving Healthy Party Food at NYC Birthday Parties

Healthy party food is a rarity at NYC birthday parties, which makes one wonder… “How could I possibly try to serve anything other than pizza, soda and cake?” If serving healthy food at your child’s NYC birthday party sounds risky, then I get it. The last thing I’d want at my child’s birthday party is

1st Birthday Ideas: How to Throw a Jungle Animal Themed Party

Searching for Jungle Animal party ideas? You’re in the right place! My wife and I threw a Jungle Animal Themed party for our son, who just turned 1. Ever since he started exploring, crawling, and cruising we thought a Jungle Animal theme would be appropriate 😉 Keep reading to see what we did and get

casaletto ristorante

Christening Party at Casaletto Ristorante in Elmsford NY

I recently performed my magic show for a Christening Party at Casaletto Ristorante, located at 15 S Central Avenue, Elmsford NY. Casaletto Ristorante is a beautiful space to celebrate! What really makes Casaletto Ristorante stand out for me is that it’s family owned and operated. Luigi Guida was born in Italy and co-owns Casaletto Ristorante

ues birthday party place

Birthday Parties at Sprinkles Cupcakes Upper East Side NYC

Searching for a birthday party place on Manhattan’s Upper East Side? Today I performed for a 6th birthday party at Sprinkles Cupcakes, located at 780 Lexington Avenue, New York, NY. It’s a cupcake lover’s dreamland! First off, the cupcakes are delicious. (confession: any place with a cupcake ATM has my unyielding devotion!) Here’s a picture

indoor games

13 Fun Indoor Games for NYC Birthday Parties

Planning an at-home party this year? If so, you might find yourself mulling over some ideas for indoor games. So, what makes a good indoor game? And what are some fun indoor game ideas? In my 10 years experience of as a children’s magician in NYC, I’ve found the best indoor games accomplish these 4

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