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Magic Show at Bloomingdale Library in Manhattan

Bloomingdale Library Magic Show

Did you know The Bloomingdale Library can trace its name back before the Revolutionary War? It true!

When the Dutch who settled in the beautiful countryside now known as the Upper West Side, they called the area Bloemendaal, meaning “valley of flowers.”

Pretty cool, huh?

Yesterday I had the opportunity to perform a magic show at Bloomingdale Library, located at 150 West 100th Street, New York, NY 10025. We had such a fun time!

The Bloomingdale Library is bright, spacious, wheelchair accessible, and houses a general reference collection and borrowing collections for adults and teenagers on the ground floor.

The magic show took place in the second floor auditorium, which is a really beautiful space.

25 children (plus parents) arrived early because they were so excited for the performance.  Judging by all the belly-laughs, looks of amazement and delight, we had a ton of fun!

But what I loved most about performing at Bloomingdale Library is that the kids got so excited about reading.

I generate enthusiasm for reading by including educational moments throughout the show, sharing inspirational stories, and facilitating a magic lesson at the end of the show.

When the magic show was over, I heard parents telling their kids, “Let’s go quickly before all of the magic books are gone.”

The Children’s Librarian, Teresa Silva, also said this about the show: “Magic Evan had wonderful interactions with the children, was humorous, and very enjoyable. Great job!”

I had so much fun performing at the Bloomingdale Library. Thanks so much for having me!

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