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10 Inexpensive Birthday Party Games

Searching for inexpensive birthday party games? Then seek no further!

Here are 10 of my favorite games for kid’s parties. You can get all of the materials inexpensively or – better yet – for FREE!

Birthday Party Games

  1. Crazy Coloring Kids love drawing on paper, and it’s a hundred times more exciting when you let them create a room-sized masterpiece! Cover the floors and/or walls of a room with white butcher paper. Pass out crayons, stand back, and let their imaginations run wild.

  2. Wacky Relay Races “Over-Under Relay” is an example of a relay race that turns teamwork and coordination into fast-paced fun! Have the kids form a line. Give the person at the front of the line a medium sized ball (basketball, soccer ball or kickball). Have him pass the ball over his head to the person in line behind him. When the person behind him gets the ball, he passes the ball underneath his legs to the next person. This over-under pattern continues until the ball travels from the front to the back of the line.

  3. Boisterous Bubble Wrap Fun Sure, this game might be a little noisy, but the look of delight on the kids’ faces and the non-stop giggling will make it worth it. Tape bubble wrap to the floors. Then let the kids jump, play and dance ’til their heart’s content!

  4. Cool Cup Toss This game delivers all the fun of darts, but takes away the danger! Arrange plastic cups in a “bull’s-eye pattern.” Have the kids form a line. Give the person at the front of the line 3 ping-pong balls. Each child tries to toss the ping-pong balls into the cups. Everyone’s a winner!

  5. Pin the Mustache on the Smiley Paint a giant smiley face onto a sheet of newsprint or butcher paper. Hang the smiley face on a wall. Draw a funny-looking mustache, cut it out, and put some sticky-tac on the back of it. Blindfold one child and have him or her try to stick the mustache under the smiley’s nose. I love this game because – whether they stick the goofy mustache in the “right” place or miss – the result is always fun and silly!

  6. Far-out Freeze Dance Play some upbeat kid’s party music and let the kids jump, jive and dance. When the music stops, they have to “freeze.” If you catch them moving, they turn into a judge and help you eliminate the other players. The last child dancing wins!   

  7. Terrific Tire Swing Toss This game is perfect if you’re having a birthday party outdoors in your backyard. Hang a tire-swing from a tree. Then see how far back kids can throw a football through the tire. 

  8. Basketball Tic-Tac-Toe Arrange 9 milk crates so that they form 3 x 3 rows. Toss 3 basketballs so that they line up across, diagonally or up and down and you win!

  9. Pass the Parcel Wrap an age-appropriate prize in 7-10 layers of gift-wrap. Have the kids sit down in a circle. Play some music and have the kids pass the prize around the circle. When the music stops, whoever has the gift can take away 1 layer of gift-wrap. Repeat until someone uncovers the last layer and keeps the prize! 

  10. Super Silly Limbo Have the kids stand in a line. Play “Limbo Rock” (or another kid-friendly, upbeat tune) on repeat. Hold a bar parallel to the floor. Have the kids try walking under a bar by leaning backwards. After everyone has passed underneath once, lower the bar a couple of inches. If a child touches the bar or his or her body touches the floor, then they are out. The last player doing the limbo wins!  

Remember: when it comes to birthday party games, you don’t have to spend a fortune for the kids to have fun.

So pick 2 or 3 games that work for you, arrange some kid’s party entertainment, and serve some delicious birthday cake.

If you do that, then you’re guaranteed to see the kids laughing, smiling and having a blast!

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