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Mim’s Restaurant, Roslyn Heights NY Ava’s 1st Birthday Party

Mim's Restaurant

I just had the honor of performing for a 1st birthday party at Mim’s Restaurant, located at 235 Roslyn Road, Roslyn Heights NY. What a fun time!

Mim’s is a contemporary Manhattan style bistro with an intimate atmosphere, warm friendly service and exquisite cuisine.

Mim's Restaurant

After everyone ate, friends and family gathered around to experience my fun family magic show.

Mim’s Restaurant, Ava’s 1st Birthday Party Magic Show

Children and adults alike were left roaring with laughter and wide-eyed with amazement during the 35 minute magic show…

…and afterwards, the children’s faces lit up with delight for an extra 15 minutes of balloon-twisting, interacting with guests and informal entertainment.

My favorite memory? In addition to meeting the adorably sweet Ava, I loved when her big brother volunteered to help out with a very special card trick.

roslyn heights magician

After mixing the cards, Ava’s brother freely chose one… and it was inexplicably the only card with the words “Clap & Cheer” written on it!

Of course, this meant everyone had to burst into applause and cheering for him. He left the stage beaming 🙂

It takes a village to throw a 1st birthday party, and I had the pleasure of working with Jonathan Heisler, a very talented photographer based in New York.

In addition to capturing the fun, love and joy of this special day, Jonathan is super friendly and has a way of making everyone around him feel comfortable. Highly recommended!

I had so much fun performing for Ava’s 1st Birthday. Thank you so much for having me!

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