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5 Best Movie Theaters in NYC for Kids Birthday Parties

movie theater nyc kids birthday

Planning a movie themed birthday party in NYC?

If you have a movie aficionado, or your child’s favorite character is appearing on the big silver screen, then a movie party is a great idea. I recommend movie parties for kids ages 6 and up.

With hundreds of movie theaters in NYC to choose from, parents are often frustrated trying to find just the right one. It isn’t always easy finding a movie theater that’s family-friendly, clean and comfortable!

I’ve performed for thousands of NYC birthday parties and worked with a lot of families. In my 10 years as a professional children’s magician, the best movie theaters in NYC to throw a children’s birthday party are…

Sunshine Cinemas | Lower East Side Manhattan

Does your son or daughter love playing video games? Imagine how exciting it would be for your child to play video games with their friends on a 20 foot high screen! Bring in your own system and Sunshine Cinemas will hook it up to their digital projectors and surround sound system. Catering options are also available. Sunshine Cinemas is located at 143 East Houston Street, New York, NY. Call (212) 260-7289 for rates and availability.

AMC Loews 84th Street| Upper West Side Manhattan

Take your child’s birthday party to the next level by booking a private theater at AMC Loews 84th Street! You can choose the auditorium that’s the right size for your child’s party, and have the theater all to yourself. I love their ginormous plush and inviting seats. Sit-back, relax and enjoy the party in style! AMC Loews 84th Street is located at 2310 Broadway, New York, NY. Call (212) 721-6023 for rates and availability.

Williamsburg Cinemas| Williamsburg Brooklyn

Williamsburg Cinemas is a glass-encased theater with a modern vibe and stadium seating.  For private birthday parties, the movie starts promptly at 10:00 am. You can watch any film they have available or bring in a DVD of your own that runs less than 2 hours. Each person will get a Kids Combo (popcorn, soda, fruit snack). Credit cards are not accepted. Williamsburg Cinemas is located at 217 Grand Street, Brooklyn, NY. Call 718-210-2955

Nitehawk Cinema| Willamsburg Brooklyn

Hands down, Nitehawk Cinema has the best food! They have everything from Sweet Potato Risotto Balls to Crab Cakes and everything in between. My favorite is the Nitehawk popcorn, which has truffle butter and citric salt 🙂 Their staff will help you customize your event, from movie selection to prix-fixe. Nitehawk Cinema is located at 136 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY. For more information or to request rates, call 718-384-3980 or email

Kew Gardens Cinema| Kew Gardens Queens

Kew Gardens Cinema is a great place for a movie party! For private parties, the movie starts at 10:00 am. Kids combo is included for each guest. $500 for 25 people. Kew Gardens Cinema is located at 8105 Lefferts Boulevard in Kew Gardens, Queens 718-441-9835.

If I were planning a movie themed party for my child, I’d check out the website Movie Mom. Nell Minow offers a “parent’s eye on media, culture and values,” and I’ve found her website to be a great guide when choosing family-friendly films. 

If you want to throw a movie party for your child in NYC, then these are my top 5 picks.

If you want to keep the kids engaged and entertained after the movie’s over, then you won’t need any special effects or camera trickery…

…just call me, Magic Evan! 😉

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