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5 Things to Remember When Planning an Outdoor Birthday Party in NYC

outdoor birthday party

Planning an outdoor birthday party in NYC? There’s nothing better than enjoying the company of friends and family on a beautiful day in the city!

That being said, trying to coordinate all the logistics of an outdoor event can also be quite stressful!

As a full-time children’s magician in NYC, I’ve performed for over 3,000 parties over the past 10 years. About half of my shows take place in city parks, gardens and playgrounds. 

Use these 5 tips to save yourself time, money and stress when planning an outdoor party:

  • Remember to have a back-up plan in case it rains

Postponing and re-scheduling the celebration for another day can be a major hassle, and expensive. If it can be arranged, find a way to celebrate indoors in case of inclement weather.

  • Remember to check for guidelines, permits, rules etc in advance

Different spaces may have different rules about sound amplification, balloons, etc. If you want to have your child’s outdoor birthday party in a NYC park, for example, and plan on inviting more than 20 people, then you need to apply for a special event permit.

Permits for NYC parks need at least 21- 30 days to be processed. You can apply for a special events permit here.

  • Remember to scout out the nearest restroom facilities

Small bladders mean that several trips to the facilities will take place over the course of the party. Make sure you know where to direct traffic. When nature calls, time is of the essence!

  • Remember to make it as easy as possible for guests to find the location

Chances are you will not be the only people celebrating at your outdoor location, especially if it’s a beautiful day. Make it easy for your guests to find you by giving clear directions with landmarks, features of the party (ex. “We’ll have a giant spiderman balloon”), texting your location via the Google Maps app, and/or sending an email with a map attached.

  • Remember to have fun! 🙂

Your child’s birthday party is your special day, too. So don’t forget to enjoy it and soak up the joy, laughter and fun. 

These tips have helped parents plan outdoor birthday parties in NYC. I hope you find them useful.

Here’s to making the process of planning your child’s outdoor birthday party more like, well… a walk in the park!

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