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Pizzeria Uno, New York NY Lucas’s 6th Birthday Party

birthday unos pizzeria

This weekend I had the pleasure of performing for a birthday party at Pizzeria Uno, located at 220 East 86th Street, New York, NY. What a fun party!

The guest of honor was turning 6. The theme was sports, and 20 of his best friends came to celebrate his big day. 

I’ve written before about why I love birthday parties at Pizzeria Uno. The fun begins as soon as the children start to arrive, and each child makes their own personal pizza.

Afterwards, I perform a magic show. My show keeps the children entranced while the pizzas are in the oven.

As soon as the pizzas come out, I make balloon-animals so that every child leaves with a beaming smile and a balloon-souvenir.

My favorite memory from the party was the look of delight on the birthday boy’s face when he came up to help me with a magic trick.

I had so much fun at Lucas’s Pizzeria Uno Birthday Party. Thanks so much for having me!

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